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NEW song and PV: Kaerimichi wo nakushite [ July 17, 09  /  02:02p ]

Hello to everyone!

I'm new to this community, but I LOVE Chihiro and her music since more than five years now! 
My favourite song is "Infection". It was also the first song I listend to and I immediately fell in love with the music and the lyrics of this wonderful and talented singer!

Sadly, there is not a lot going on in this community, but maybe you're interested in Chihiro's new single 帰り路をなくして ("Kaerimichi wo nakushite") and the PV!
It's really a WONDERFUL ballade and I can't stop listening to it!

I hope you like it too!! ^.^

...i lost my way back home...

Here is the cover to Chihiro's newest single:

01 帰り路をなくして
02 I Pass By ~Darksmoke Version~

Chihiro looks gorgeous! Doesn't she?! *.*

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onichi icons! [ June 23, 09  /  01:39a ]

[ mood | geeky ]

Is anyone here? XDD;;


Hamasaki Ayumi - [10]
Utada Hikaru - [10]
Plastic Tree - Arimura Ryuutarou - [8]
Plastic Tree - Nakayama Akira - [2]
Onitsuka Chihiro - [10]
Salyu - [5]
Amano Tsukiko - [5]

See them here at parched_earth ! 8D


Lyrics site address change [ April 26, 09  /  02:17p ]

[ mood | content ]

Hi Chihiro fans! I don't know if some are familiar with my Chihiro Onitsuka lyrics/translation site, Nostalgic Lavender, but I had to move it pretty abruptly recently, so I thought I'd post the new URL here in case anyone had been wondering where it went! >> http://www.nostalgic-lavender.net/chihiro <<

Thanks!! :)

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Icons! [ July 06, 08  /  06:32p ]

Theme set D - Kaoru [15]
Theme set H - Kaoru [15]

Variations & others
→ Dir en grey [17]
→ Toma Ikuta [1]

Chihiro Onitsuka [8]
Grey's Anatomy [17]
= 73 total


Here @ 100nights

[ February 09, 08  /  05:45p ]

I've made some Chihiro icons and I thought I should share :3

Chihiro Onitsuka [14]
Dir en grey [25]
Hiko (Danger*Gang) [6]


Here @ 100nights

Las Vegas [ November 01, 07  /  08:05p ]

I picked it up today.

It's a really good album. Different from what I know from her. The guitar, saxophone, and jazzy spin on some of the songs are interesting. I'm definitely liking it. Quite a few songs are all in English as well. Her lyrics are awesome in English or Japanese. Has anyone else heard it?
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Everyhome PV [ May 27, 07  /  02:00p ]

It's gorgeous. she sounds fabulous. I can't wait until I can afford to buy the single. ;_;
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Onitsuka returns! [ March 22, 07  /  04:31p ]

There's a new single up for preorder entitled Everyhome
1260 Yen
Released May 30th!

Track List:
01. everyhome
02. Magical World
03. 秘密 ( secret )

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Preorder at Cdjapan
Offical website

So What Happended... [ November 25, 06  /  05:14p ]

So, where is she? Anyone know?
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Attn: Chihiro Onitsuka fans :) [ April 27, 06  /  10:54p ]

[ mood | excited ]

I thought you all might be interested to know that I've started up an Oni forum as part of a larger 'neglected artists' forum (also including Bonnie Pink, Rie fu, etc), and I was wondering if anyone here would like to join it!

Rollin' - Chihiro Onitsuka Forums

We just got started but it's going to be really cool, we'll post lyrics/translations, talk about news, etc. I'm pretty excited about it. Plus I'd just like to gather all the Chihiro fans from the disparate corners of the internet! Please just take a look and I hope I'll see you there :)

(I also haven't posted about this yet... I made a Chihiro Onitsuka lyrics & translation site, which the forum is based off. If you haven't seen it yet, don't hesitate to check it out!)

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Introduction~ [ January 20, 06  /  01:17a ]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi, I'm new here...looks like this place is pretty dead. ^^;;

But, I figured I'd introduce myself anyway. I'm a pretty new fan of Onitsuka Chihiro, I've just been listening to her music for a few months. I'm absolutely in love with her music....it's all just so beautiful. And she's got such a voice! I love how much emotion you can hear when she sings.

So, yesterday I randomly made a few Chihiro icons, so I thought I'd share...

Teasers - 1. 2. 5.

( Follow the fake cut for the rest~ )

Feel free to use as bases or as they are. If you take any please comment, but no credit necessary.

*...hopes the comm can be prodded into life* ^^;;

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oni had a stalker in 2005? [ January 03, 06  /  12:54a ]

Read about it here: http://frozen-call.rdy.jp/news_0508.html#050803

[ July 15, 05  /  10:59p ]

hey all. I don't know if this is true, but it seems as if im one of the first guys to stumble upon this wonderful community. I gotta say there's no one else like chihiro onitsuka and she's the first jpop artist who's music consistently can make a guy break down and be very emotional (nothing wrong with a guy showing his feelings, right?) and for that I have to thank her. I love ayu and hikki, but onitsuka's music just does things for you that their music doesn't. I hope i get to talk to all of you sometime sooner or later ^^

icons [ July 15, 05  /  07:03p ]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi! I did some icons of the sign's pv ^^
I hope that you should like

moreCollapse )

This community should be more active xD
bai xxx
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[ July 10, 05  /  10:31p ]

Does anyone know by chance where I could find the PV for "Infection"? I have "Cage" if someone may want to trade. It's just so difficult to find any of her PVs anywhere!
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So where is Onitsuka? [ June 16, 05  /  06:49p ]

Hello. Ever since Chihiro Onitsuka switched labels, I have not heard from her, anyone know what happend?

I think Chihiro, appearance-wise, and voice is better than Hikaru Utada or Ayumi Hamasaki, though I do not like Chihiro's songs.

[ November 20, 04  /  08:58p ]
actually, I'm suprised a chihiro comm wasn't made yet.

so yeah.
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